Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fancy a laugh?

This is not really my idea. It’s not even original to be honest, but I’d like to think that doesn’t matter.

Inspired by the exploits of Meemalee, FoodUrchin and the others who competed in the Barbecoa Brawnoff we’ve decided to rip it off run our own Edinburgh based version; with the help of Mark Greenaway we have  a venue and also a judge and there’s talk of roping in support from some suppliers so possibly even a prize or two.
  • So what is it? A cooking competition for foodies/Bloggers
  • When is it? Still to be decided
  • What will we be cooking? Mark will set the challenge, personally I hope it’ll be something like a Béarnaise as I need to prove to BakersBunny that my ‘naise is the best thing this side of Emmanuel Béart.  
To get the ball rolling, please let me know if you’re interested in taking part and we’ll take things from there...

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  1. Oh, if only I was in Edinburgh...