Monday, 5 March 2012

Glazed Vegetables

This is very slight variation of Thomas Keller’s approach to vegetables in the stunning French Laundry Cookbook (if you don’t have it, you really, really should get it).

It’s a great method of prepping veg ahead of a dinner party as well as being a luxuriant finish to braises and stews (as per Keller’s advice, I tend to discard vegetables used in the braising process as their flavour has been extracted and they get a bit too “mushy”). Use whatever vegetables you like/want for your dish.


Take your largest pan and fill it up, almost to the top, bring to the boil and add a decent amount of salt.

Add the vegetables in batches (peas on their own, then carrots, then parsnips etc.) and cook ‘till they’re 80% done, remove and plunge into an ice bath. Allow a few minutes between the batches for the water to come back up to a vigorous boil.

Drain the cooled vegetables and keep covered until needed.

At service, place a small amount of butter in a pan (woks work quite well here) with a similar amount of water, warm and whisk ‘till it forms an emulsion, add more water/butter in equal quantities and whisk to keep emulsified, season with salt and sugar. Increase the heat.

Place the now mixed vegetables in this pan and as they finish cooking they’ll take on a wonderfully rich, sweet and savoury glaze.

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